Confirma Software acquires Compilo, a leading supplier of quality management software and citizen engagement solutions for the municipal sector


Confirma Software is established as a new Nordic platform focusing on acquiring strong enterprise software companies with specialized offerings for SME customers in areas such as point-of-sale solutions, mobile payments, specialized manufacturing, maintenance, construction and more. Confirma Software is backed by Abry Partners, a business and information services focused private equity fund based in Boston, MA. 

Confirma Software is committed to continue the successful operation of each of its subsidiaries under their existing brands and with existing management. Each company will contribute their unique experience and expertise in developing a strong joint operating platform across the Nordics.


Presence across
the Nordics

The platform is created on the back of a large presence of primarily national software companies with a strong and visible positions in their individual markets. These companies have successfully developed their solutions together with a loyal customer base over many years. As a result, the solutions are instrumental in supporting the operations of their clients. 

Confirma Software is a provider of vertical enterprise software solutions across the Nordics. The subsidiaries continue independent operations under current management. Confirma Software will drive value generation through sharing of best practices and resources across the target companies. The company is headquartered in Stockholm. The majority investor in Confirma Software is Abry Partners.


“We have an exciting pipeline of additional acquisitions across the Nordics, and plan to close further acquisitions during 2019”


Group Companies


Computer Program Unit

Computer Program Unit is a provider of specialized payment solutions for municipal, educational and specialty goods sectors, and offers payment platforms including point-of-sale, e-commerce and mobile payment solutions for public pools, cafeterias, and other public facing activities.

DL Software

DL Software is a versatile ERP software company that offers comprehensive solutions such as business management, customer management, financial management, manufacturing management and advanced business analytics. The company has customers across the Nordic countries in areas such as fitness centers, vehicle sales, and manufacturing.

Cash-In Consulting

Cash-In Consulting is a debt collection agency and expert in financial management, with extensive experience in recovering and managing outsourced financial management services. The Company aims to minimize the credit losses of its clients while speeding up cash flow through tailor-made solutions that support its clients' businesses. Cash-In gives its clients an edge through Finnish professionalism, decades of experience, personal support and highly automated processes.

All three companies will continue operating as individual companies, under their own brand and with existing management. The businesses within Confirma Software today and future additions to the platform will drive value generation through sharing of best practices and resources across the target companies.